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Balloon sinuplasty is a procedure using a balloon that is inflated to dilate the openings into the affected sinuses.  This relieves sinus pressure due to symptomatic swelling of the sinus openings due to both allergic and non-allergic exposure. It result in a reduction for the need of medications. Introduced in 2006, it was used as a tool during the more aggressive FESS procedures (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery).  700 doctors across the country, including Dr. Keefe, were trained to do the procedure as a stand-alone procedure in the office, bypassing the need for general anesthesia, as well as the longer recovery times associated with sinus surgery. But most private insurance companies held back on coverage for their subscribers until they were well satisfied with the long term results. Slowly insurance carriers added the procedure as a covered benefit.  The last hold-out, Anthem BC/BS, has now jumped on the bandwagon of insurance carriers, agreeing to cover it for their subscribers who are candidates. So if you've been waiting, now's the time to come in and see if you are a candidate. We have seen patients exclaim that it is a life-changer for them, allowing them to be free of the debilitating headaches and misery associated with seasonal allergies, weather changes, and even mitigating their migraine headaches. At the least patients become less dependant on medication, an overall goal of many patients.