Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Secure forms available online for the convenience of Dr. Keefe’s patients.

Patient Forms

How To Become A Patient

For your convenience, Dr. Keefe has provided a full set of forms that may need to be completed upon your first visit to our offices. Just download the required forms, print and complete in the comfort of your own home prior to your visit.

If you have any questions concerning which forms are needed or what to fill in, please contact our offices. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Your insurance company may require that you get a referral from your Primary Care Physician before becoming a patient. Please check your policy. If required, you must get the proper authorization from your insurance company before scheduling your appointment.

Preparing for Your First Appointment

When you visit us for your first appointment, please bring the following:

  • Your insurance card
  • A list of your current medications
  • Your contact information (telephone and mailing address)
  • Details of your medical history
  • Your co-pay

If You Do Not Have Insurance...

If you do not have insurance, please be sure to contact one of our Office Managers before scheduling your appointment. Our self-pay patients have found it very helpful to understand the many options that are available, and appreciate having this resource available to them before their first appointment.

"[Dr. Keefe] Knows His Stuff."

The bedside manner makes you wonder if he's a doctor - it's that good. This doctor blows away the stereotypes: warm, friendly, explains as much as you want to know. Due to a school delay, I had to have my son with me. Most docs in the area don't tolerate Asperger's well. Dr. Keefe didn't even bat an eye at my son's quirks while consulting. Being my third rhinoplasty, I knew the basics. I walked in wanting to know why the first two operations weren't successful and how this one could be. He skipped the intro lesson and was more educational, because that's what I asked for! I was a new patient to him, he performed the surgery we discussed and informed me the problem with the other two were how the operations were done ten years ago.

The big key some people may miss is you have to ask what you want to know. He's not a mind reader, so come in with a list and fire away. He takes the time with his patients when given a direction to go. If you just want to hear "I can fix it." and get out of the office, he does that. If you want an explanation of stints, air flow, and how air pressure makes a difference, tell him to "explain that a little more."

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