I highly recommend him!

I have not had a personal need for an ENT Dr. in my life currently. But as a professional that fits people with hearing aids I often need to refer my patients to an ENT. My patients always report back to me with a great deal of satisfaction with Dr. Keefe's care and expertise. Even after seeing another specialist that did nothing. Dr Keefe takes his time and does what is necessary to get to the bottom of the problem. You are not just a number to him. I highly recommend him!

Karen K.

I would recommend him to anyone who needs an ENT.

Dr. Keefe has an excellent bedside manner & explains everything exceptionally well. I was very pleased with my visit. His staff was also very nice. And I was taken in at my appointment time also. No waiting at all !! I would recommend him to anyone who needs an ENT.

Sharon S.

I would recommend Dr. Keefe.

Dr. Keefe is one of the best doctors I have been to. He is so friendly and nice. He explains so you can understand. He doesn't try to rush and get out of the room. He makes sure that you understand what's going on. You don't find doctors like that anymore. I would recommend Dr Keefe.

Nancy F.

Total quality.

Dr. Keefe, I want to publish my opinion about you and reiterate my gratitude to you... You are an excellent doctor and person,dedicated to the complete satisfaction. You are very honest in your work ethics. Thanks again to you, your wife and staff.

Sincerely, an extremely pleased patient!

Sonia S.

The best ENT doctor ever!

Dr. Keefe gets 5 stars from me. The best ENT doctor ever!

Kay C.

Dr. Keefe has been nothing short of a miracle.

I had pretty intense sinus surgery done recently, and Dr. Keefe has been nothing short of a miracle. I had the surgery about a week and a half ago, and I am already starting to see unbelievable results. Dr. Keefe is so thorough, insightful, knowledgeable and will not leave you hanging on any questions or leave any stone unturned. He does not push surgery as a primary option to fix issues (recommended an allergist to me to fix issues - my allergist was the one that sent me to Dr Keefe). You never feel rushed during office visits as he and his staff go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and have the answers you need before your visit is over. I, as I'm sure many of you, am not a fan of going to see doctors, but Dr. Keefe has been great, and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is in need of ENT services.

Ryan G.

[Dr. Keefe] knows his stuff.

The bedside manner makes you wonder if he's a doctor - it's that good. This doctor blows away the stereotypes: warm, friendly, explains as much as you want to know. Due to a school delay, I had to have my son with me. Most docs in the area don't tolerate Asperger's well. Dr. Keefe didn't even bat an eye at my son's quirks while consulting. Being my third rhinoplasty, I knew the basics. I walked in wanting to know why the first two operations weren't successful and how this one could be. He skipped the intro lesson and was more educational, because that's what I asked for! I was a new patient to him, he performed the surgery we discussed and informed me the problem with the other two were how the operations were done ten years ago. The big key some people may miss is you have to ask what you want to know. He's not a mind reader, so come in with a list and fire away. He takes the time with his patients when given a direction to go. If you just want to hear "I can fix it," and get out of the office, he does that. If you want an explanation of stints, air flow, and how air pressure makes a difference, tell him to "explain that a little more."

Patient Review

I cannot say enough about Dr. Keefe.

Dr. Keefe has just performed a neck lift on me February 17th. I cannot say enough about Dr. Keefe. I am so pleased with the results and it has only been 8 days. I have had hardly any pain at all. Dr. Keefe takes his time to explain every single step that he is going to do and answers every single question I had to ask. Not only do I feel and look great, but I look forward to having my picture taken again without worrying how I look. As far as his staff goes, there are not enough words for his girls. They are sweet, professional and extremely caring. Would I recommend Dr. Keefe? Yes, I definitely would, and I have.

Patient Review

I would recommend this practice to anyone!

Dr. Keefe repaired my deviated septum and removed polyps that had formed in my sinus cavities.   From the first appointment to the post-op visit, he was cordial, informative, willing to spend time answering my questions, and treated me like an intelligent human being.   His staff were also courteous and efficient.   I would recommend this practice to anyone!

Merrily T.

The Office Staff is Wonderful and Made It So Easy.

I recently had a mini brow and face lift done in the office, and I just want everyone to know what a great experience it was.  The office staff is wonderful and made it so easy.  Dr. Keefe is wonderful.  He made me feel so comfortable, not only with my decision to have the procedures, but during as well.  If you or anyone you know is thinking about having a procedure done, talk with Dr. Keefe or his office staff.

Charlotte M.

He Was So Kind and Our Son Liked Him Very Much.

For starters, Dr. Keefe's office was able to see our son two months earlier than another ENT! His staff was so nice and helpful. He was so thorough and answered every question I had, before I had to ask. He was so kind and our son liked him very much. He is scheduled for surgery in a month, and we cannot wait!

Brittany A.

I Absolutely Recommend This Doctor's Office...

I absolutely LOVE this doctor and his amazing staff! My son went to this office and immediately took to the doctor and his staff with ease (which never happens). I couldn't make most of the appointments so my mom would take him and the nursing staff/front desk ladies actually went out of their way to call me and explain EVERYTHING to me that occurred during the appointment. They called me once a week even if it was to let me know they hadn't forgotten about my son and getting an appointment set up. Even after being referred to another doctor at UVA, the staff here has still called me to check up on my son and even helped get in touch with the doctor I was referred to since they (the other doctor's office) wouldn't return my calls. I have been to another ENT doctor in the past and I will NOT go back to him. I will ONLY ever deal with this office again. I absolutely recommend this doctor's office and how absolutely amazing your entire staff is! More doctors' offices should be like you all and just maybe we wouldn't hate dealing with doctors. Jayden and I thank you for everything, and will see y'all soon!

Lynda C.

Great Doctor!!

Great doctor!! He performed a sinus surgery on me which was life changing, no more headaches!! He takes his time addressing my concerns and explains things perfectly. The office staff was extremely nice and very willing to accommodate. I would recommend the doctor to anyone.

Crystal J.

OMG, The Best ENT Doctor...

My 5-year-old absolutely loves Dr. Keefe. As parents we are so fortunate to find a gem to take care of our son. Best bedside manners is a understatement. He is the BEST and our son is sleeping better than ever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. #blessed

Shawna D.

Thank you, Dr. Keefe. I could not be happier.

I researched face lift surgeons for almost ten years before discovering the miracle who is Dr. Keefe! I went to numerous consultations, one in Charlottesville and several in New York, complaining about all my flaws and coming back with nothing other than the sinking feeling that whatever the doctor did to my face and/or neck it would not look like me anymore. I would have paid big bucks to wind up with the face of a stranger and worse still, a stranger who probably looked like she had had plastic surgery!

With his engaging, friendly and honest manner, Dr. Keefe convinced me if he performed the surgery, I would look refreshed but natural…not “done.” Less is more. As a result, I had my first facelift and neck lift in 2009, then a smaller neck tweak in 2015, and this most recent updated face and neck lift this past February. He is a perfectionist and it shows. If you don’t tell someone you have had surgery all they can figure out is how much better you look but they have no idea why…seriously. And now that Dr. Keefe can perform all this surgery in the office it really is NOT repeat NOT a big deal…hardly any pain, no bruises, minimal swelling…yep, he’s the miracle doc all right.

And I almost forgot…there is ANOTHER fabulous aspect to Dr. Keefe’s practice and for me this was truly icing on my wellness cake! I have suffered from multiple sinus infections for most of my adult life all of which had to be treated with antibiotics. A 2015 consultation with Dr. Keefe wearing his ENT hat resulted in a few tweaks to my meds and now I almost never have any sinus infections…very rarely. So I have greatly benefited from both parts of his practice, and in fact have really managed to have fun with the cosmetic procedures. Dr. Keefe’s entire staff is warm, responsive and friendly. I look forward to my next cosmetic procedure…probably an upper eyelid lift. Stand by. Thank you, Dr. Keefe. I could not be happier.


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