Sinus Pain

Are you suffering with sinus infection symptoms?

Sinus headaches, congestion and facial pain can leave you feeling miserable.

Chronic Sinus Sufferer

Is There Any Relief from Sinus Pressure and Swelling?

You’re up late at night with a persistent cough that only seems to be getting worse. You’re sick and tired of waking up with a stuffy nose. It seems like your sense of smell is diminished and you’ve got a nasal drip that just won’t stop. Your throat is sore and you’re experiencing headaches, facial pain and other discomfort. You may be experiencing a sinus infection.

Sinusitis: Inflammation, Swelling and Discomfort

Sinusitis is the inflammation and/or swelling of the sinus-lining tissue, with or without infection. Infection results in one of the following types of sinusitis: acute sinusitis, subacute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, or recurrent sinusitis. When the sinus cavities swell, normal sinus function becomes impaired, which can lead to blockage of the airways. With swelling, our sinuses (the hollow spaces behind and around the nose and eyes) can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

For most sufferers, this infection can be treated with first line home remedies, such as OTC (over-the-counter) medications. If you find yourself experiencing lengthy periods of sinus pain, you may be stuck in a cycle of sinus infection.

Do You Feel Trapped in the Cycle of Chronic Sinus Infection?

With acute sinusitis, infection symptoms typically persist for about ten to twelve days and usually resolve within 30 days. Sufferers will experience headache, pressure and swelling as the infection runs its course.

Chronic sinusitis sufferers will experience unpleasant symptoms such as fever, nasal discharge, persistent coughing which may become worse at night, and watery, puffy irritated eyes.

Four or more episodes of chronic sinus infection in a single year is known as recurrent acute sinusitis. At this point in the cycle, patients have made multiple trips to the doctor, been prescribed medications and antibiotics, and are frustrated by not achieving long-lasting relief.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr. Keefe will first examine you to determine the root cause of your sinusitis and begin to create your individual treatment plan. If you have a physical obstruction in your sinuses, then you will have to be treated to remove the obstruction. Dr. Keefe will explain your treatment options and help you to understand possible outcomes.

Searching for a Solution to Chronic Sinus Pain?

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Innovative Sinus Treatment Options for Virginia Sinus Sufferers

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